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Maddalena Zappia

25th October 2017 - by invitation only

Selected works

Maddalena Zappia is a very talented Italian artist graduated from the Liceo Artistico of Torino and became a member of the Anglo-Italian Academy of Art. Maddalena Zappia studied under Maestro Renzo Roncarolo, professor at the Institute of Fine Art of Vercelli, and became the heir of this great Italian artist.
She uses several techniques of painting including pencil, watercolour, pastel and more. Her work has been exhibited all around Europe including the Lord Leighton Museum, the London Art Biennale, the Chianciano Biennale and the International Art Awards hosted by the Chianciano Art Museum.

Contemporary Sculpture - Selected works

19th March 2017

Selected works by internationally renowned artists.

Artwork featured:

Arman, Armand Pierre Fernandez
French-American Artist
Movement: Nouveau Realisme
Born: November 17, 1928 - Nice, France
Died: October 22, 2005 - New York, NY, USA

Arman is most associated with the Nouveau Realiste (New Realist) movement that emerged in 1960, and which represented France's response to the trend of Pop art that was sweeping Europe and the United States. Arman had first emerged as a lyrical abstract painter, but he soon rejected the style and began making sculpture inspired by the concept of the readymade. Arman's most notable work was preoccupied with the consequences of mass production: his Accumulations often reflected on the identical character of modern objects; his Poubelles, or "trash cans," considered the waste that results when these objects are discarded; and his Coleres, or "rages," expressed an almost irrational rage at objects that, in modern times, threatened to dominate everyday life. At his best, Arman delivered a powerful and chilling rejection of modernization and the culture of mass consumption. Later, he developed an aesthetic based on the act of destruction, his pieces commemorating the obliteration objects in various ways.




Lonnie Schlein - Selected works

20th January 2017

For over 35 years, Lonnie Schlein worked as photo-editor for The New York Times while simultaneously pursuing his own career as a photographer. In 2001, he was assigned to handle all photography documenting the Sept. 11 attacks on The United States for the paper’s special section, “A Nation Challenged,” which won the Pulitzer Prize. He also edited The Times’ photo book, “A Nation Challenged,” which remained on the best-seller list for several months.

While at The New York Times, Mr. Schlein served as Foreign Picture Editor and was in charge of photo coverage during the fall of Gorbachev and other major world events; he served as National Picture Editor during both the Clinton and Bush Administrations, and spent much time in Washington directing coverage of three Presidential Elections, Inaugurations, and the Impeachment process. He has also served in the Metro, and Arts sections, as well as the Travel section where he assigned stories to photographers all over the world.
In 2010, he left the paper to devote himself full-time to freelance photography. Today, Lonnie Schlein spends much of his time travelling and exhibiting his work internationally.



Jacopo Fo - Selected works.

18th November 2016

Italian artist born in Rome, son of Nobel Prize Winner Dario Fo. Jacopo learned to paint from his father who studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan, and began working at age 18 as artist, writer and cartoonist. Jacopo is a remarkably creative person whose art has been used for theatre, cover images, national television themes and more. A creative academic who has published 40 different books in his remarkable career, Jacopo's work is exhibited around Europe. Jacopo fo founded the Libera Università di Alcatraz in Gubbio, Italy.