Remo Brindisi (1918 - 1996) - Venice, 47.5 x 33 cm, Tempera on paper


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Contemporary and 20th Century Fine Art
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Remo Brindisi (1918 - 1996)
Artwork Title: 
47.5 x 33 cm
Tempera on paper
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Remo Brindisi was trained by his father and studied at the Experimental Centre of Stage Design in Rome and at the Institute of Book Decoration and Illustration in Urbino. In 1940 held first solo show in Florence followed by a move to Venice and large-scale involvement in exhibitions and consistent participation in the Rome Quadrennial and the Venice Biennial as well as connections with the major private galleries of Milan and Venice.
The post-war period saw a short phase marked by the influence of Cubist painting as interpreted in an expressionistic and existential sense. Brindisi formed the Gruppo di Linea together with Gianni Dova and Ibrahim Kodra and was later associated with the realist movement, while maintaining complete autonomy with respect to the major artistic trends of the age. His focus on issues of social comitment and protest culminated in the period 1960–61 with a series of large paintings devoted to the history of Fascism, in which figurative painting of an expressionist character was combined with an approach modelled on the examples of Art Informel. The 1970s and ’80s saw the continuation of the same repertoire distinguished by intense and violent colour and characteristically flattened figures in two-dimensional space. Brindisi was director of the Macerata Academy of Fine Arts and president of the Milan Triennial in 1972.


Brindisi exhibited at the Venice Biennale
Brindisi exhibited at Rome Quadriennale
Brindisi was president of the Milan Triennial
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£ 1,000 - £ 1,700