Josè Van Roy Dalì - Untitled, Oil on canvas 84,5 x 64,5 cm


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Contemporary and 20th Century Fine Art
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Josè Van Roy Dalì
Artwork Title: 
84,5 x 64,5 cm
Oil on canvas
Artist Info: 
Josè Van Roy Dalì, the son of Salvador Dalì, was born in Perpignan, France, in 1940Josè Van Roy Dalì is member of the Anglo-Italian Academy of Art and in 1984 he received the Masters de la Association de Ciudadanos del Mundo, the same award that was given to Salvador Dali and Joan Mirò.  Josè Dali's work can be found in private collections and museum's all around the world and he is also an accomplished goldsmith, sculptor, engraver and poet.
Price Estimate: 
£3,300 - £4,300