Art Valuation Services


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The Chelsea Auction House works has a dedicated team of experts capable of identifying, valuing and offering guidance on artworks of various time periods and artistic movements. We operate in close conjunction the Gagliardi Gallery, a gallery with nearly 40 of experience in the art market, and can arrange home visits as well as appointments in our London office.

The most important aspect of art valuation is finding the right person with the specific expertise to correctly and reliably categorise your art piece. Please write to us on our contact form for more information and to schedule an appointment. 

Our service is available for clients who wish to have an entire collection considered for auction or individual clients wishing to know the market value of thier possession.

Documentation, archiving and certification is also key in relation to the collection of artwork and we liaise with the International Confederation of Art Critics for accreditation as well as the realisation of collector publications for clients who wish to create a book related to their art collection and the history of its accumulation.

We provide:

Art report (four page report with artist C.V., exhibition history, artistic influences, artwork photo and value)
Certificate with artwork image, information and value.


Our Art Valuations:

  • 16th Century Artwork

Cost: Free
  • 17th Century Artwork

Cost: Free

  • 18th Century Artwork

Cost: Free

  • 19th Century Artwork

Cost: Free

  • 20th and 21st Century Artwork

Cost: Free for artists with previous major auction records
            £150 per artwork for artists without auction records